Truth to Power

Lets hope it doesn’t happen here…

CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian ruling party politician started to undress in parliament on Tuesday in protest at proposed constitutional amendments which perpetuate many of the Egyptian president’s vast powers. </a>

In a debate on the amendments, details of which have not been released, member of parliament Mohamed Hussein objected to the article which gives the president the right to dissolve parliament.

“Enough of that, enough. Should I take my clothes off?” he added, using a sarcastic popular expression used in response to someone’s excessive expectations.

When Hussein unbuttoned the waistcoat of his suit, speaker Fathi Sorour threatened to have him thrown out of the chamber. “Listen up, my man. I’ll ask the house to throw you out of the session. You’re a troublemaker,” Sorour said.</i>

Let’s hope this doesn’t catch on in our Congress:

“Lets hope it doe-X004”


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