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GA governor: A theocratic moron

Please, please, if only one thing gets accomplished in my lifetime, let it be the end of “morality by force”- the practice of allowing a small group of repressed, mythology spouting dimwits to make laws “for the good of us”.Â

Case in point- our fair state of Georgia, which is one of only 3 states in the nation to not allow beer and wine sales on Sunday. When people think of Georgia, they often think of the mountain banjo player in Deliverence as being a typical resident. Well, they might be right, at least as far as who lives in the governor’s mansion:

“You have to always be attuned to where public opinion is, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow that,” Perdue said in the interview. “A good leader always leads in a way that they think is the right direction for Georgia on significant issues. But simply populist, popularity-type issues are not necessarily always followed. But you have to be attuned to it.”

Despite having the support of a majority of Georgia’s citizens, our governor has decided that he knows better than us, and the bill will most likely not make it to a vote. Used to be the republican party was the one for “limited government”. Ha. Now its full of moralistic busybodies who feel that because they claim to have read a book that divines some sort of mystical “right path”, they can tell others what they can do in the privacy of their own lives. Like who they can marry. What medical procedures they can have. What drugs they can or cannot take, based on your marital status. When you can buy alcohol. I realize we’re supposed to be respectful of other people’s beliefs, and I’ll respect them- by not laughing in their faces.

I just don’t want to f’n LIVE by them. Move to Iran, you intolerant theocratic jackasses. Your type runs the show over there.

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