Carolyn Southworth

Carolyn Southworth

Carolyn Southworth

At the End of the Day

Heron’s Point Music

Carolyn Southworth is one of the finest pure musicians I’ve ever heard.

I can’t believe I would ever use that line, but I’ll say it again and again to anyone who will take the time to listen to me. This is a trip through Southworth’s world and it is very worthwhile time spent. Somehow after listening to this fine work, I feel a greater sense of calm, yet an incredible, life-affirming sense of excitement and wonder. Few artists make me want to know them more, to know everything that makes them tick. Carolyn Southworth is one of them.

As a reviewer of music, I hear a lot of good material, but I also hear a lot of really bad stuff. Of course I cannot pick when I will find that bad music, but it always sneaks its way in. Carolyn Southworth’s music is a treasure. She is good — really good, especially for this normally clinical “new age” genre.

I had a really rough meeting one day. I felt like a Marine Corps recruit the way I was being grilled. It was extremely harsh. I went home to do some reviews, put in this CD and I felt an instant sensation that everything was going to be alright. “In The Wake of the Storm” in particular sealed the deal on my renewed well-being. For that, I thank her.

Carolyn Southworth:

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