Reject On Impact

Sex Pistols by way of Green Day, F-Units are not busting down any doors that haven’t already been ripped off the hinges. Their self-released debut Reject On Impact is “angst-ridden anthems of punk rock bliss,” as explained by vocalist Scotty B.

The power chords are familiar, the voice is the same Johnny Rotten/Billie Joe snot and spit that has long since become a cliche, and the choruses are sing-along pop gems that implant themselves in your head upon the first listen. Despite this major faux pas in imitation, a handful of the songs would hold up alongside their originators. “Solitude” is as good as any early Green Day tune.

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but creating something new is more respectable. That doesn’t mean that bands like F-Units aren’t necessary. Someone has to keep the old traditions and sounds alive for the upcoming generations.

F-Units: www.myspace.com/funits

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