These guys may be a Russian folk band, but these guys rock. It is impossible to not be moved to do something when you listen to these guys. Throw in a little bit of blues and more than a little bit of jazz, put it in the blender and sprinkle on some comedy and you have one of the most entertaining groups I’ve ever heard. I cannot overstate the impact you will feel if you listen to Limpopo.

I get the feeling that Limpopo is a band that plays for each other and the pure joy of performing. Whether it be for themselves in rehearsal or playing for the President of the United States (they played for President Reagan during a private welcoming party for the Gorbachevs), they seem like a band that just wants everyone around to be having as much fun as they are. Listen to this release and you yourself will be going “bop, bop, bop” all night long.


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