Lola Ray

Lola Ray

Lola Ray



Liars, they are, but isn’t most every band these days? Really. Is there any originality out there?! Please! Send me something new, something exciting! I’m sick to death of bands that sound like every other band, who sound like every other band before them, who sound like the bands that came before them.

Lola Ray? They sound like The Bravery, who sound like The Killers, who sound like Duran Duran, who were trying to be Roxy Music. And on and on all the way back to The Beatles, to Elvis, to the first guitarist who plugged in and turned up. It’s been done, all of it, but it can still be inspiring and fresh sounding. There are artists out there making the same old chords and beats sound electrifying and bringing the sex sounds back into rock ‘n’ roll… but Lola Ray ain’t one of them and Liars is just another mediocre Hot Fuss.

Track #6- “We’re Not Having Any Fun.” Exactly.

Lola Ray:

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