No Turning Back

No Turning Back

No Turning Back

Holding On

Bridge Nine

The best example of American hardcore I’ve heard in years comes not out of New York, or D.C., or even California, but from the Netherlands. While American kids have been co-opting British new wave, a Dutch band called No Turning Back has been listening to their old Black Flag and Madball records.

What this disc offers is vicious vocals, fast beats, even faster guitars and an aggression that should have their American counterparts heading back into the studios. In the midst of the heaviness they manage to slip in some melodies that give the music a flow, without turning them into the dreaded melodic metal-core.

Songs like “Sick and Tired” and “Take Your Guilt” should allow this band the opportunity to stir up some sweaty rooms stateside. These songs are just begging to be bathed in blood.

No Turning Back:

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