Sandro Perri

Sandro Perri

Sandro Perri

Plays Polmo Polpo


Is it possible for a musical artist to “cover” their own songs? Sandro Perri attemps just that on Plays Polmo Polpo. Polmo Polpo is the moniker Perri has used to record a couple of pink-noise-infused albums of experimental post-rock and while certainly evocative and emotional, there were always boundaries his formless textures couldn’t cross in their quest for intimacy. With Plays Polmo Polpo, Perri re-envisions his songs in a simpler, folkier context. Basing most of the restructuring around acoustic guitar, subtle colors from horns, woodwinds and musical ephemera, both rock and orchestral, he bridges that gap. The sprawling “Requiem For a Fox” recalls the autumnal dusk that Califone has perfected, while the closer, “Circles,” finds more power in a hush than Polmo Polpo usually exhibited with its jet engine bluster. It adds up to a fine addition to the new folk movement and establishes Perri as a versatile artist worth keeping an eye on.

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