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Status Quo

Since I’ve taken the liberty of inventing some new names for musical styles (most of which have failed to sweep the industry), I’ll call the music of Té “art guitar.” This vocal-free album emphasizes a thick layer of guitar shrubbery hiding a vicious picket fence of drumming. It’s the sort of sound that completely fills the little spectrum analyzer display in Winamp, and gives all songs a disturbing similarity in concept, although local differences in detail are abundant. Like any good art-influenced band, the press release describes a long list of even more obscure bands they’ve played with, include one that invited them to open a tour in Switzerland, a known hot-bed of experimental rock. These guys are good at what they do, and may well find a place on college radio or as a score to an art film. They’re just not the sort of band you can pop on the stereo and use as background music for much beyond vacuuming.

Status Quo: www.statusquoaudio.com

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