The Colour

The Colour

The Colour

Between Earth & Sky


Based in Los Angeles, the only obvious American influence that can be heard on The Colour’s debut release is The Doors. Other than that, this band is ripping every blues-sweetened chord progression and vocal dynamic from the English gods who played them best. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, T. Rex; the shades of these bands are in there, but The Colour sound like none of them.

Akin to modern classic-rock-influenced bands like Kings Of Leon (the bands share a producer, Jacquire King), American Minor and Wolfmother, the latest in this blues-rock installment has one particularly strong element in its mix: the deep, sex-drenched voice of vocalist Wyatt Hull. It is in his Jim-Morrison-meets-Robert-Smith depths that the ’70s chord changes can work their way away from the well known and into the original.

The blues soaked, “Just A Taste,” is a good start.

The Colour:

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