This is a Process of a Still Life

This is a Process of a Still Life

This is a Process of a Still Life


Firefly Sessions

Despite being weighted down with a ponderous name, This is a Process of a Still Life is anything but static or staid. The six-piece hails from the same post-rock crop as Explosions in the Sky and Set Fire to Flames. Steeped in autumnal melancholy, most songs are led with a gentle thrum and minor chord finger-picking coalescing in a gorgeously slow-burning, all-encompassing melody. On “All My Blessings Are a Curse” the sadness swells like exit music for a film or a funereal death march, complete with a tear-drop lead guitar line flowing on the high E string. Later, “Haunted By Waters” lives up to its name, drifting by on murky electronics and reverb. The band really doesn’t unload with Mogwai-esque pyrotechnics to light up the night’s sky, but there’s a definite shift toward intensity on later tracks like “The Possibility of Flight” and “Structured to Cut.” Even at its most powerful the disc retains its intimacy, making it an ideal record for summer star-gazing or cold winter evenings indoors.

Firefly Sessions:

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