Objective Tinnitus

Scum of the Earth

Q: What happens when two guys who spent a lot of time hanging out with Rob Zombie get together and form a band?

A: The world doesn’t blow up.

What, you were expecting a joke?

Ahem. So, former White Zombie drummer Ivan de Prume has this band going with former Rob Zombie guitarist Riggs called Scum of the Earth. Not surprisingly, their stuff sounds like White Zombie. If you wish WZ had put out more albums during their formative years as America’s number one horror-themed groove metal band from New York, then I highly recommend scooting over to SOTE’s Myspace page. It’s got a nice platter of riffs, gore, and children singing about the Devil.

That reminds me – I have absolutely no White Zombie on my iPod. What am I supposed to listen to the next time I’m wandering around the highway at midnight, blasted out of my mind on ‘shrooms and cat brains? Pavement? I think not.

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