Truth to Power

131 mill for kids healthcare? No. Billions for fraud and waste?

Pleas rise for PeachCare insurance funding for kids

Congress implored to save program

U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt and Gov. Sonny Perdue both promised Monday to do all they can to save Georgia’s endangered PeachCare for Kids health insurance program before it goes broke. But both also expressed frustration that Congress hasn’t already ponied up the funds, despite urgent appeals.

Leavitt said he and President Bush have urged Congress to plug the funding shortfall. Perdue also has made personal appeals to Bush and leaders of Congress, so far to no avail.

We have billions- over 8 billion a month, actually- to waste in the deserts of the Middle East, but we can’t seem to find 131 million dollars to address a shortfall in the PeachCare program in Georgia. As noted before, King George’s budget cut funding to everything- EVERYTHING- but the defense department, and sick kids in Georgia, well, maybe we can ship them to Iraq, let them get treated there.

 I’ll bet you money that if you did a poll on the street, every single person you ask would be for funding domestic healthcare (or any number of vital services, such as port security, infrastructure, et al) instead of paying truckloads of cash to defense contractors, Blackwater mercenaries and corrupt war profitters.

 To voice your concern about Georgia’s PeachCare program, go here.


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