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Blair to Bush: See ya, you’re on your own…

Blair ‘to outline Iraq timetable’

Some 7,000 UK troops are currently serving in Iraq

Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to announce a timetable for the withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq.

Mr Blair is set to make a statement to MPs in the House of Commons about the 7,200 British troops serving in Iraq.

It is thought he will say 1,500 troops are expected to return home in months, with 3,000 withdrawn by Christmas. </em>

Hmm. Blair is getting his people out of harms way, while our simpleton in a suit increases our involvement. What do the Brits know that we don’t? Probably that the upcoming war with Iran will have a terrible impact on the region, and the British troops, located mainly in southern Iraq, would be directly in the line of fire when Iran strikes back.

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