Truth to Power

363 tons of cash.

So, this administration says they’re gonna balance the budget? Sincerely doubt it, considering they have no idea what happened to 12 billion dollars- 363 TONS of cash- shipped to Iraq.

WASHINGTON – House Democrats, taking charge of investigations now that they control Congress, grilled the former U.S. occupation chief in Iraq on Tuesday about the way he doled out up to $12 billion of Iraqi dollars without accounting for the money.

L. Paul Bremer III, with support from Republicans, fired back by insisting he did the best he could in the middle of a war and repeating over and over that he was spending Iraqi – not U.S. – money.

Oh, it’s ok since it wasn’t our money, we only invaded the country and stole it. Boy, that sounds better, don’t it? Wonder how many of those pallets of cash ended up in insurgents hands, killing our troops. We’ll never find that out either, if the good Germans, oops I mean Republicans in Congress continue to refuse to investigate our kings optional wars.

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