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Peanut butter making you sick? Thank the GOP

Risks of tainted food rise as inspections drop

Amid high-profile scares, FDA safety testing has fallen by half since 2003

The federal agency that’s been front and center in warning the public about tainted spinach and contaminated peanut butter is conducting just half the food safety inspections it did three years ago.

Between 2003 and 2006, FDA food safety inspections dropped 47 percent, according to a database analysis of federal records by The Associated Press.</em>

The government that brought you Iraq and the marvelous response to Katrina is also literally making you sick. Yet another aspect of government underfunded, while the mega rich get tax breaks. Government exists SOLELY to do those things that its citizens cannot do- inspect food, wage war, rebuild infrastructure, etc. Evidently our current crop of children in power don’t understand that, instead seeing government as a giant ATM for the Paris Hiltons and Dick Cheneys of the country.

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