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Angie Aparo

Angie Aparo

Praise Be


Although writing for other artists takes up more and more of singer-songwriter Angie Aparo’s time these days –he’s just penned tunes for “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks– he has been prolific during 2006 with his own material.

Released last April, El Primo Del Tres was the first of three concept records examining the universal themes of love and war and the latest release, Praise Be is undeniably the “war” record. The marching drums and powerful riffs of the title track kicks things off impressively, with possibly Aparo’s most caustic lyrics since “Suicide” from his brilliant For Stars and Moon album. The anthemic “Gloria” and more laid-back “Wreckage” continue to reinforce Aparo’s point about the futility of war, and just when the message is starting to become a little too obvious, the sublime metaphor of “Birds of Palestine” provides a perceptive twist on the perspective of conflict. The simplistic beauty of “Killing For Jesus” ends the EP with just a hint of optimism in amongst a lament about the role of religion in most wars.

Although the theme may be slightly stretched over eight songs, there’s no denying these songs are some of the most powerful Aparo has ever written, and the final instalment of the trilogy, due later in 2007, should prove to be just as compelling.

Angie Aparo:

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