Black Aria II


In 1993, the godfather of dark metal and former punk progenitor Glenn Danzig surprised everyone when he put out an album of classical music called Black Aria. 13 years later he has produced, written and performed almost in its entirety, the classical project’s sequel Black Aria II.

The album’s central theme and inspiration is the story of Lillith. In the biblical legend, Lillith was Adam’s first wife before Eve. She was banished from the Garden of Eden by God for wanting to co-rule instead of just popping out babies for Adam. She is considered to be the first witch.

With such characters and legends in mind, and being composed by the man known for his musical talents in punk rock (The Misfits), blues metal (Danzig), and black metal (Samhain), this classical piece doesn’t sound your grandfather’s easy listening station.

When I first put the album on I was, appropriately, reading a post-apocalyptic novel about a post-nuclear war America. As the entire country is getting wiped out and survivors are walking across the devastated country in a nuclear winter, Danzig’s darkness spread a cloak of black across my bedroom and I read, entranced.

Layered with chants, organs, chimes, strings, percussion, and Eastern elements and vibes, this theatrical work acts as the quintessential soundtrack to a scary, creepy night.

Danzig: http://www.danzig-verotik.com

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