Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition)

Tooth and Nail

Originally released in 1998, this rarities collection has been brought up to date to allow fans of the influential punk-poppers to have the definitive MXPX album complete with a bonus DVD of music videos.

It’s certainly an enjoyable listen, and places the band as forefathers of the Green Day/Blink 182 sound with a succession of memorable two-minute punk-pop songs. In comparison to the three polished new songs like the brilliant “Prozac,” older material such as “Creation” and “Swing Set Girl” are a little rough around the edges, but that’s all part of the band’s charm.

After 14 years, MXPX are still going strong and Let It Happen (Deluxe Edition) is proof that the band have both a proud past and a future to look forward to.


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