Amongst The Flock

Bridge Nine

A perfect concoction of thrash metal and hardcore, Palehorse are not metal-core. Let me repeat that, not metal-core. There are no melodic vocal breakdowns, no soft parts, just pure unadulterated heaviness that calls to mind early Metallica, Hatebreed and Slayer.

The Connecticut band’s Bridge Nine release, Amongst The Flock is some of the best hardcore to come around in years. It’s fast, it’s hard and once the lyrics of Vinny Calandra are deciphered after a few listens (or by reading the accompanying CD booklet) the words are as fierce as the rhythms.

“Patriot act slave camp/ FEMA is not what you think/ Roadblocks and military cops/ the constitution will cease to be… Slave to the dark/ Obey the false king” –from “Domestic War.”

“The human race is a fucking disgrace/ Born from an evil seed/ Corrupting everything we touch… Selfish masses self-indulgent plagues/ Have led us to flirt with the end of days/ Destroy humanity to look at the decay/ Enslaving the forest and raping the plains… Tear this world into a million pieces/ The human race deserves to die!” –from “Mayday.”

These are some of the most poetic and informative lyrics I have heard being screamed out through raspy vocals over top of chugging guitars.


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