Puffy AmiYumi

Puffy AmiYumi

Puffy AmiYumi


Tofu Records

Japanese duo Puffy AmiYumi is a cultural phenomenon in their home country. The pair have sold millions of records to a mainly teen audience following a successful TV show and are the kind of cross-platform act the likes of Simon Cowell would be jealous of not discovering for himself.

Personally, I can’t see the appeal; Splurge for the most part is full of highly annoying bubblegum pop rock. Apart from an inspired cover of Marvellous 3’s “Radio Tokyo,” the album is a full-on aural assault that requires a period of silence in a darkened room in order to fully recover from its horrors.

The disc is being issued in America following Puffy AmiYumi’s popularity on the Cartoon Network and is the pair’s fifth stateside release. I’m just thankful I’ve managed to avoid them up until now…

Tofu Records: www.tofurecords.com

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