The Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers

Young Machetes


Honestly, I don’t know what it is about the Blood Brothers. I’ve seen them live approximately two times now and something about their live performance irks the hell out of me. Yet something about the group keeps drawing me to them; when I saw this CD up for grabs, something demanded I request and review it.

I can say when listening to their fifth CD, Young Machetes, I find myself liking them. The CD tracks have a somewhat trippy, surreal feel, especially the second track, “We Ride Skeletal Lightening.” When listening to this album, in comparison to their last release, Crimes, it’s obvious that the band has matured. Yet the CD is still a bit all over the place. I guess time will only tell what’s in store for the band.

Tracks to skip to: “We Ride Skeletal Lightening,” “Johnny Ripper” and “Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes.”

The Blood Brothers:

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