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The Burrito Paul is Dead

Here’s a follow-up to my post about restaurant music: I was ordering lunch at Moe’s Southwest Grille the other day, and I noticed that a Beatles song on their ceiling radio was immediately followed by George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set on You.” Finding this odd, I remarked upon it, which spurned my lunchmates (Robert and James Dastoli, good friends and keepers of a $100 plus Moe’s gift card) to inform me of a rumor they heard that Moe’s only plays songs by deceased musicians. Intrigued, I tried very hard to pay attention to every song that came on thereafter, which was quite difficult as the three of us got into an intense discussion about closed theme park attractions once we got our cutely-named burritos and sat down.

I managed to perk my ears up during a few conversation lulls, and I soon got the sneaking suspicion that not every artist I was hearing was dead; indeed, Wikipedia later confirmed for me that the Moe’s radio system does not follow a strict “no pulse” rule. They occasionally slip in the still-living. I knew it; I swear to the Almighty Black Jesus I heard Harry Connick, Jr. that day, and I know his ass is far from dead. I also think I heard some contemporary band covering a Doors song, which, if Moe’s was adhering to a dead-people-only format, would totally be cheating.

Stay tuned for further restaurant music discoveries right here on the “I Eat Out Too Often” channel.

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