Truth to Power

Bring it on

Leahy’s committee has authorized subpoenas for presidential political adviser Karl Rove and other top White House staff linked to the firings. Bush wants his aides to be interviewed in private sessions and without being placed under oath.Specter and Hagel have joined Democrats in rejecting the president’s offer, while Graham and Lott said lawmakers should take it. “If you start subpoenaing the advisers to the president … you’re going to go to court,” Graham said.

</em>It appears a High Noon scenario is shaping up on Capital Hill. The next two years of King George’s reign will be determined by how this issue of congressional oversight plays out. If the wimps in Congress roll over and let their tummies get scratched and bow down to Bush’s “reasonable proposal”, they might as well just sit around and play cards for the next two years, since they won’t be able to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration, halt the war, restore fiscal sanity or any of the things they were elected to do.

On the other hand, if the cabal of King George is forced to testify under oath? Bush is gone within a year, Cheney and Gonzales within 6 months. This is the fight the White House wants, and has wanted, since day 1. If they “win” this, then they are truly unstoppable, and if they so desire, will just remain at their desks, warring and looting, come 1.10.09.

They want a war? Bring it on.

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