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Uh, this is gross

Rats Chew Off Newborn Baby’s Nose, Upper Lip in Kansas City, Mo., Apartment

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Exterminators began sweeping a Kansas City neighborhood infested with rats after one of the rodents crawled into a baby’s crib and severely disfigured the girl’s face.

Authorities said the girl’s parents put her in a crib next to their bed early Sunday and awoke a few hours later, when a heart and breathing monitor alarm went off. The 4-week-old baby, which had been born prematurely, was lying in a pool of blood with her nose and part of her upper lip chewed off.

The parents found rat feces in the crib. Police believe milk or formula that had leaked onto the baby attracted the rodent.</em>

Um, ok. Horrible and all…but you didn’t happen to notice a rat munching on your childs face- in the same room?

Um, ok.

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