A Story To Tell


Desole’s debut album starts off strong. Track numero uno, “Personal,” is everything a teen-friendly emo-pop single should be. It bursts out of the gate, immediately distinguishing Desole from other like-minded emo bands. It knows when to rock, when to croon, when to lay low and build. It’s not the best song I’ve heard this year, but it’s certainly a good start, and memorable.

The real problem with A Story to Tell is that thirty minutes into the disc, you can still clearly remember the chorus to that first song (what was it called again?), but you’re having a hard time discriminating between the last three tracks to which you’ve just listened. Or even remembering the chorus of the current one.

Sure, there are a few moments that break it up a little bit: the spunky choruses of “Count Your Friends” and the acoustic moping on “For Just One Reason” – but they’re ultimately just as forgettable as their peers. And that’s a tragedy, because it’s clear that if Desole can put together a track as good as “Personal,” they can write an album better than A Story to Tell.


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