Life The Curse


Norse mythology defines Freya as a goddess of love and fertility, the most beautiful of all the goddesses. Perfect name for a a hardcore band, don’t ya think?

After Earth Crisis broke up in 2001, singer Karl Buechner and guitarist Edwards found some new players and evolved into Freya, continuing onward with the same straight-edge hardcore/metal-inspired sounds that found them an audience the first time around. Their second release, Lift The Curse is not going to surprise anyone. It’s harsh, it’s heavy, it’s angry, it’s hardcore. And when I say “hardcore” I mean it in the Most Precious Blood/Darkest Hour/Converge sort of vein. I do not mean metal-core, although they do flirt with melodic vocal ties on the song “Lilith.”

The standout track on this disc, unfortunately for them, is a cover song. They dare to tread on Black Sabbath territory, closing out the album with a respectable rendition of “War Pigs.”

Victory Records:

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