Red Wanting Blue

Red Wanting Blue

Red Wanting Blue

The Warehouse Sessions


Like The Clarks, Red Wanting Blue are one of the leading independent bands in the country, with a loyal fan base and an excellent reputation as a college rock band.

The Warehouse Sessions is the band’s first live, in-studio release and it’s a highly professional package, considering it’s been released without major label backing. Red Wanting Blue have released six albums so there’s plenty of material to choose from for what is effectively a “greatest hits” set.

The acoustic setting is not perhaps the ideal showcase for the band’s talents, as I’m sure a full electric show would differentiate more successfully between some of the material, but there’s no denying the strength of songs like “Are You Listening” and “Spies and Lovers,” to name just two.

The accompanying DVD takes a selection of the concert’s tracks and the extras and concert itself will undoubtedly appeal to more than just the 100 fans who were invited to be part of the audience.

Red Wanting Blue:

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