Horror Thirteen

Blood and Guts

I despise video games about as much as I hate television. In spite of this, I suffer through cable TV once a week to watch Lost and have been known to suffer through a movie or two based on a video game I’ve never seen, never played and would never care to play just because the story line (or actress in the starring role) intrigued me. Usually the movie sucks, but every now and then it’s just entertaining enough make me admit that maybe video games aren’t all bad.

Resident Evil part one (don’t even get me started about the piece of crap that posed as a sequel!) was one such exception. The plot revolves around the Umbrella Corporation, whose homemade T-Virus circulates and turns anyone who comes in contact with it into a flesh-eating zombie. Such darkness has collected an impressive cult of fans, including a bunch of Swedish punks who named their band after the culprit, T-Virus.

The band’s music sounds pretty much as you would expect. The Misfits are all over this release. It’s horror-punk in the tradition of the originators, with shades of AFI and a post-Misfits Danzig thrown in there as well. Naming yourself after a video game and then copying your style off past masters puts two strikes against you before a note is even heard, and titling songs that blatantly harken back to the Resident Evil obsession (“Resident Evil,” “The Cannibal Song [We Eat People]”) almost make me eject the disc before pressing play. But, like a film I know will most likely be awful, I settle in and hope to at least be entertained. And I am, in a Tomb Raider sort of way.

T-Virus: http://www.t-virus.nu

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