The Junior League

The Junior League

The Junior League


Greenleaves Sound / Lost Resort Records

Here’s a nice-sounding power-pop group consisting of a single musician. Joe Adragna hails from St Augustine, Fla., and plays everything in the band. That’s drums, lead, rhythm, bass, tambourine, you name it. Live gigs and jam sessions are pretty much out of the question, but the record is skilled –if a touch inoffensive.

Mr. Adragna finds a newish path through the well-trod fields of pop/rock. He claims influence from REM and The Monkees, and I believe it. “The Beautiful Room is Empty” could easily be mistaken for a lost Michael Stipe cut, and “Would You Believe” rides on a Peter Tork bass riff. These are reasonably forgettable, but the best cut lurks at the end of the disc: “(We’re The) Kings of the Dead End.” Producer Jim Devito solos on guitar, the only guest player credited here. The song is chunky and clunky, rhapsodizes about cheap beer and cheaper women and packs a great chorus: “This is better than anything I could do in school.” I think this guy is having too much fun, and while he’s a strong musician, it seems a little outside perturbation might make him great.

The Junior League:

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