The Snake The Cross The Crown

The Snake The Cross The Crown

The Snake The Cross The Crown

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The Snake The Cross The Crown began inside the world of emo, touring with the likes of Armor For Sleep, Mae and mewithoutYou. In 2005, they were building a legion of teen screams and could well have been on their way to filling venues and selling lots of records that would’ve filled their pockets, but left their souls empty. Their survival instincts told them to run and hide, and they did just that. They canceled their tours and retreated into themselves to redefine who they were as a band.

As it turns out, their true calling has more in common with Radiohead, Bob Dylan and The Band than with the bands with whom they previously shared stages. Frontman Kevin Jones has an honest voice that sounds a bit like Gordan Gano (Violent Femmes) with less smirk, whose sincerity gives depth to songs that would otherwise just sound pretty.

“Electronic Dream Plant” is where this band truly leaves their roots behind and heads down the unknown road. It’s got a romantic piano base with a Joe Perry-like guitar solo in the bridge. After channelling classic rock, gospel (“Behold The River”) and folk music, the band with the long name has re-emerged as a band without a bandwagon. An emo act has found their way into legitimacy.

The Snake The Cross The Crown:

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