Aunts and Uncles

hovercraft23: I am not allowed to end a line of text with a word less than 4 letters.

hcm: According to?

hovercraft23: My boss.

hcm: Funny. < 4 or <= 4?

hovercraft23: < 4 – the, for, a, in, of, was. You know, most words.

hcm: “fucker” is 6 letters, and you can always add it to the end of a sentence. [sentence], fucker.

hovercraft23: Right after the semicolon. Or em dash, which I also have to use now.

hcm: “You’ll get your results in a day, fucker.”

hovercraft23: This rule is tedious. “…of the new day.”

hcm: “deigh.”

hovercraft23: Yes! She says it was her mentor’s pet peeve.

hcm: So now it’s hers? Good mentoring there.

hovercraft23: Yes, arbitrary rules must be passed down

hcm: “An arbitrary rule based on spurious personal preference is the most important one, fucker.”

hovercraft23: Can’t start a line with a word less then 4 letters, either. It’s called an Aunt and the other is an Uncle

hcm: Jeebus

hovercraft23: Just kidding

hcm: No hyphenation?

hovercraft23: I don’t even wanna go there. I turn it off.

hovercraft23: There is a headline that says, “Had Enough yet?” – I am tempted to kick the Yet down to the next line.

hovercraft23: Had Enough

hovercraft23: Yet?

hcm: , Fucker?

hovercraft23: OK, I can’t laugh like this.

hovercraft23: Someone will walk in again.

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