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GOP gives lip service to freedom

Crane asked if Romney believed the president should have the authority to arrest U.S. citizens with no review. Romney said he would want to hear the pros and cons from smart lawyers before he made up his mind.

Mitt Romeny can’t say – at least not until he engages in a careful and solemn debate with a team of “smart lawyers” – whether, in the United States of America, the President has the power to imprison American citizens without any opportunity for review of any kind. But in today’s Republican Party, Romney’s openness to this definitively tyrannical power is the moderate position. Ponnuru goes on to note:

Crane said that he had asked Giuliani the same question a few weeks ago. The mayor said that he would want to use this authority infrequently.</em>

The always intelligent Glenn Greenwald on just what the GOP thinks of the foundations of liberty on which our country rests.

In short, not much.

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