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Feds to scientists: Shut up and say what we tell you to

CLIMATE AND OCEAN SCIENTISTS PUT UNDER NEW SPEECH RESTRAINTS – Any Scientific Statements “of Official Interest” Must be Pre-Approved

Washington, DC – Federal climate, weather and marine scientists will be subject to new restrictions as to what they can say to the media or in public, according to agency documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Under rules posted last week, these federal scientists must obtain agency pre-approval to speak or write, whether on or off-duty, concerning any scientific topic deemed “of official interest.”

So much for the “truth will set you free” dictum. It must be both incredibly stressful- not to mention personally and professionally demeaning- to be a person who has worked their entire life learning science, dealing with facts, things that can be proved, to have it tossed away or ignored to advance a political agenda formulated because our administration is beholden to big energy companies. Meanwhile, we continue to f up the planet, but hey, as long as Dick and Little Georgie’s buddies get theirs, all is well.

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