Truth to Power

Lets start a pool.

Lets start a pool, wagering on when this White House is going to crack.

Somebody out there has the goods on these crooks. They have the emails.

Or maybe they are about to rat out the pigs.

The optional war is going further into hell, and a head cheerleader just said Bush’s plan is a failure.

So lets wager on when the excrement finally hits the rotary blades and we see Rove with his right hand raised in oath. Or Cheney slithering off to “medical retirement”.

They all belong here.

I have to think that some GOP congressmen, the wiser ones who think long term, are realizing that the GOP brand is crippled, tarnished for the foreseeable future by the criminal actions of its leaders. And these same congressmen, eying reelection in ‘08, know they have to distance themselves from Bush, the wars, all of it. And sooner rather than later, in a vain hope that America will immerse itself in Idol and the Super Bowl and forget their sins. I say September.

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