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World to US: You can’t be trusted

US cannot be trusted to act responsibly in the world: global poll

CHICAGO (AFP) – There is widespread global concern that the United States cannot be trusted to act responsibly in the world, according to a multinational poll released here Wednesday. The most stark results were those showing a lack of trust that the United States would act responsibly and a sense that it had overreached on the global stage.

A majority of respondents in Argentina (84 percent), Peru (80 percent), Russia (73 percent) France (72 percent), Armenia (58 percent), Indonesia (64 percent), China (59 percent), Thailand (56 percent), South Korea (53 percent) and India (52 percent) and more than a third of those in Australia (40 percent) and Ukraine (37 percent) answered “not at all” or “not very much” when asked how much they trusted the US “to act responsibly in the world,” the poll found.

Funny, isn’t it, how the people who actually have to live with daily reminders of the meddling of the United States- unlike americans, who only watch what propaganda is spewed from the idiot box- funny how those people don’t trust us. Hmm.

</em>If you want to know why they might feel this way, read Chalmers Johnson or this.

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