Sickening lack of humanity

Sickening lack of humanity

Iraq withdrawal would humiliate US, says PM

PRIME Minister John Howard said today one reason he won’t withdraw Australian troops from Iraq was because it would humiliate the United States.

But he said America’s power and support was important for Australian security and he would not support a policy that weakened it.

It would be a “colossal blow to American prestige in the Middle East and around the world” if the coalition pulled out of Iraq and appeared to have lost the war, he said.

Australia has been fortunate so far, only losing 2 troops in Iraq. But between now and whenever the big boys decide this particular game of empire isn’t worth playing anymore, another handful or so will die. I’m sure their families and friends will be glad to know they died because this asshat didn’t want to “embarrass” the US.

That is appalling beyond belief.

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