Bossa Nova Beatniks

Bossa Nova Beatniks

Bossa Nova Beatniks

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There are various levels of success in the music business, and getting a Grammy or into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame aren’t the only markers of “making it.” Bossa Nova Beatniks hit a high I’ve never seen a band brag about before –their song “Zantee Misfits” was on the audio program for United Airlines’ transatlantic flights. Way to go! It only took ELEVEN releases to get to that point.

BnBeatniks (as they call themselves) come out of the lower Manhattan club scene and mix Zydeco, island music, ska and roots rock to make a classy, low-key musical experience. The songs are upbeat and occasionally danceable, but never bombastic or intimidating. They sound more like an acrobatic troupe than a bike gang, and even if there’s more unity than differentiation to this collection, the disc is worth a listen. The strongest song, “Red Red Johnny,” is a fun sing-along, but there’s nothing weak here, whether it’s slow dance numbers or slightly sad love songs. These guys have been slogging along for ages, and it’s about time you gave them a spin.

Bossa Nova Beatniks:

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