Charity Daw

Charity Daw

Charity Daw


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What the world needs now is another sensitive singer/songwriter. Charity Daw might fill the bill; she has a clear sexy voice with a jazzy country twang, and she sounds a bit like Sheryl Crow or one of those not-quite-from-the-rural-south CMT stars. She’s been singing since she was 2 and keeping notes since she was 7. Along the way, she picked up some good material, covering the usual topics of love and loss and desire. Top pick is the deliciously self-indulgent “‘I Want’ Song,” with the classic “I want to eat all I want and never get fat” line. It’s the age-old trade – gluttony for sex appeal. At the moment she’s leaning toward the latter, but she can always switch gears as the years go by. “Where Your Glory Dwells” inserts a short hip-hop lyric I found a bit jarring at first, but after a few listens, I grew to anticipate it. Ms. Daw is nice, but not earth-breaking. I’ll keep an eye on this young singer, though; she might crack VH1 someday.

Charity Daw:

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