Holy Molar

Holy Molar

Holy Molar

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Three One G

I’ll be upfront. I hate this disc. But thankfully it’s short, and the cover is pretty neat, so it has SOME positives. The band is loud and discordant, and while the songs have good titles, forget ever hearing lyrics to such potential hits as “My Saturday Night Fever Turned Into a Sunday Morning Rash” or “You’ve Had More Kids Pulled Out Of That Thing Than A Burning Orphanage.” I dug through the Three One G Web site, hoping for a tale of promising young musicians crippled in the prime of their careers by a meteor strike or a unpronounceable disease. Nothing. I think these guys are just naturally bad.

There are six cuts on this disc, and the record company left the blank parts clear and printed a cockroach on it. The bug looks quite real if you see it while shuffling though bills and subpoenas. Holy Molar –good on packaging and writing, bad on playing.

Three-One-G: http://www.threeoneg.com

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