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Kings Of Leon

Because Of The Times


Kings of Leon’s first album hooked me in, their second had its moments, but this –the band’s third release– finds the family band entering into the stratosphere of true rock ‘n’ roll perfection. Turning their backs on preconceived notions of how they’re supposed to sound, these Southern rockers have made an album that is as much big classic rock as it is fuzz-filled garage goodness and punk-inspired aggression.

Because Of The Times, named after an annual preachers’ conference these sons (and nephew) of a Pentecostal minister attended as kids, is the result of touring with masters like U2, Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam. They seemed to have absorbed the best aspects of all three of these arena legends and let the lyrical and vocal play of Dylan, the guitar solos of Pearl Jam and the expansive sound of U2 seep into their souls. Then they headed home to Nashville, sat on the porch and wrote the best music of their young lives.

Vocalist/guitarist (and chief lyricist) Caleb Followil has never sounded better, and the chances he takes on this release are bold. On the Pixies-esque “Charmer,” he lets out an animalistic, cigarette gritty “owww” throughout the song that is incredibly close to a Kurt Cobain yelp. Its brilliance is in how raw and spontaneous it sounds. I can’t wait to see him pull this off live!

On “Ragoo,” he sing/speaks with a distorted effect, overtop of a reggae riff that is unlike anything they’ve ever done.

Kings Of Leon have created their masterpiece.

Kings of Leon:

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