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For those late nights when you feel as if yours are the only pair of eyes still open in your time zone –be it from a late night romp, a bout of insomnia, or a burst of creative energy– Midnight Movies’ Lion The Girl is the CD you should put on the stereo. At once dark, moody, sleepy and invigorating the Los Angeles quartet is the perfect mash up of Joy Division, Nico, and Mazzy Star. They are your one and only choice to best capture the ambiance of your heavy eyelids and even heavier emotions.

The haunting vocals of Gena Olivier are perhaps the sexiest I’ve heard in ages. They remind me of Cowboy Junkies only darker. This over-top of the Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Screaming Trees) produced psychedelic garage sounds is a dreamy match that goes down smoother than chocolate.

There is not a song to skip on this bold release. Every single song has got untouchable grooves, layers of cinematic colors, and that bedside voice that you just want to curl up with and have whispered in your ear. If you must choose one song to sample, “Patient Eye” is the place to begin.

Lion The Girl gives me hope for a 2007 year of new music.

Midnight Movies: www.midnightmovies.net

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