My Flea Circus

My Flea Circus

My Flea Circus

Fancy Feast

Fairy Factory

You have to be at a certain point in your hormonal growth AND your emotional crankiness to really “get” this disc. That’s my theory, anyway. My Flea Circus is a dark goth-metal group with fuzzy bass and the feedback-distorted riffs initially made popular by Hendrix and never really improved upon. “Let’s Pretend We’re Spiders” begins this sonic journey through an underworld of creepy lyrics and weird chord progressions. There’s no lyric sheet in the notes, but that’s OK, as there’s not a lot here I’d like to go back and reconsider. There’s some deep, gut-rumbling bass along the way, the sort of low-frequency stuff sub-woofers and movies with helicopters are so famous for. By the time you hit the final track, “Fear of Worms,” you’re ready for some Mantovani, even if you’re still 16 and just got some tattoo your mom hates.

My Flea Circus:

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