Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!!!


After taking a few years off from the premiere psychobilly band he fronts (and which can be given a huge amount of credit for kicking off the psychobilly craze that has since become almost cliché) to play with his wife in the Horrorpops, Kim Nekroman got the Nekromantix out of hibernation and back into the studio. Life Is A Grave & I Dig It!!! is a return to the graveyard dance party, and Kim has put his guitar in the closet and gotten back behind his coffinbass to kick out some traditional rockabilly tunes.

The songs are not all vampires, ghouls and zombies, though they may appear so at first listen. Listen deeper and you’ll discover a sense of humor that’s often lost in this genre. “Horny In A Hearse” is about someone trying to reignite the flame with his girl by buying a 1959 hearse Cadillac and getting it on in the back seat. “Rot In Hell” is about life on the road and having to feast on fast food and is one of the faster, angriest sounding bits of fun on the album –and has the line “suck my cojones” (balls in Spanish). And the song instrumental “Panic At The Morgue” I like to imagine as being the soundtrack to the death of Panic! At The Disco, but this could be just wishful thinking.

Once again, Nekromantix have proven that there is no psychobilly band better at making 1950s greaser rockabilly for the 21st century.

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