The Dead Pets

The Dead Pets

The Dead Pets

Too Little Too Late / Revenge of the Village Idiots

Village Idiot Records

I think these guys have ADD. I’ve got 2 reissue CDs from this hard-working band from Leeds, and each sleeve is crammed with tiny, constricted pictures and graphics, busy type fonts and nearly unreadable lyrics. It’s like every band member and each of their girlfriends had a bazillion good ideas, and they used all of them.

Beyond their hyperactive graphics, these guys have classic Punk Band Names (Stew Disgrace, Sweeney Todd, Sponge Bob and Devastating Dave). They have classic punk band lyrics about living on the dole and getting beaten up for existing and an economic nihilism that never accepts socialism – while disdaining capitalism. But mostly, they sound a lot like the Dead Kennedys with a sound system worse than the DK’s studio stuff, but better than their live stuff.

The band released these two self-produced CDs which are now available in what passes for widespread distribution. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s Revenge of the Village Idiots, which features a slightly more varied sound and clearer lyrics. There’s even a visit to a slightly Celtic sound in “Dreams for a Crook” and less of the solid-wall-of-noise effect that fills Too little Too Late. These are interesting discs, but I believe you really need to be a fan to seek them out.

The Dead Pets:

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