The Lookyloos

The Lookyloos

The Lookyloos

You’re Looking Very Beautiful Man

Lather Records

While I’m not positive, I think these guys are emo. I have a lot of trouble telling emo from a half-dozen other genres that leave me feeling comatose and depressed, so if this assessment is wrong, let me know. This is their second disc, and it’s full of quiet, flat little songs that seem to suck the energy out of my CD player. They’re not BAD songs, but kind of depressing. I did like “Confidant” and “Ace Ain’t the Face,” but the self-reflective element of The Lookyloos’ music dominates over any blood-boiling emotion. Eric Janssen’s vocals are smooth and relaxing, back-up singer and guitarist Paul Takushi provides a tuneful bed for the lyrics, and Dave Thompson’s drumming never intrudes more than one would ask for. These guys don’t rock, but they can keep you pretty calm in the face of any sort of personal crisis.

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