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Boot Boortz

As Virginians worked to rationalize their way to emotional equilibrium, hundreds of thousands of us were confronted with a particularly odious grief-merchant that sought to profit by dancing on the graves of our fallen. Neil Boortz, the conservative shock-jock out of Atlanta, is broadcast on AM stations across the Commonwealth. On April 17th, the day after the shootings, at a time nobody really knew yet what had happened – and some parents were still wondering if their child was among the slain – Boortz used his platform to wonder, “How the hell do 25 students allow themselves to be lined up against the wall in a classroom and picked off one by one? How does that happen, when they could have rushed the gunman, the shooter, and most of them would have survived?”

Seems the residents of Virginia don’t like Neal Boortz calling the slain VT students “wussified”. Now, the writer of this piece, Mike Stark, ain’t no regular citizen. He’s an activist and a veteran, and very schooled on how to create a stink that advertisers and employers hate to smell.

Check out his site Calling All Wingnuts. Here’s hoping his drive to get Boortz off the air succeeds. Boortz has made a living long enough spewing lies, half-truths, and his Imus-like “nudge nudge” racism. Time for him to return to strip mall law or the jewelry business. The airwaves won’t miss him.

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