Imagine if we were actually at war

Imagine if we were actually at war

Imagine it, because what we’re doing in Iraq obviously isn’t a war, or our “president” would be treating it as such:

CBS Exposes Bush Admin’s ‘Outrageous Delay’ In Providing Marines With Bomb-Resistant Vehicle

While President Bush has been busy politically demagoging funding for the troops, CBS Evening News highlighted a disturbing report tonight that the administration waited over a year before acting on a “priority 1 urgent” request to send blast-resistant vehicles to Iraq, the so-called Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles.

Calling it “an outrageous delay,” CBS noted, “The Marines in the field asked for 1,200 MRAPs in February 2005 — but so far, they’ve received less than 100.” The report also noted that the problem is widespread and systemic:

A Marine Corps document obtained by the Associated Press says that of 100 requests for critical gear sent in last year, less than 10 have been filled. It blames red tape and the failure of bureaucrats to take risks.

“Unnecessary delays cause … deaths and injuries,” the document says — and nowhere is it more true than with MRAP.

Whatever we’re doing over there- stealing oil, creating a permanent base in the Middle East, keeping King George in power just long enough to escape to Paraguay, whatever- it ain’t a war. Because if it was, and if we had a real “leader” instead of a theocratic hypocrite heading the nation, things would get done that need doing.

Of course, if we had a real president, we wouldn’t be over there to start with.

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