Why are we selling nukes to China?

Why are we selling nukes to China?

China, nuclear technology, and a US sale

China has its heart set on buying a cutting-edge US design for a nuclear-power reactor, and the Bush administration has said it is willing to sell because the transaction will mean jobs for Americans and pave the way for a “nuclear [power] renaissance in the US.”

But critics of the mammoth $5 billion-plus sale are raising concerns that China might not use the advanced technology strictly for peaceful purposes, perhaps intending to “reverse engineer” pieces of it for military purposes.

That worry surfaced this month in a letter four members of Congress sent to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The May 18 letter asked whether the sale of four nuclear-power reactors to China, approved by the administration in December, could end up enhancing Beijing’s military, including its ability to produce nuclear fuel for bombs and increase the stealthiness of its submarines.

Gee, ya think selling nuclear technology to our biggest rival might not be prudent? Concept seems to be lost on our “bidness” president. Wonder which of his corporate welfare taxpayer teat sucking swine buddies is making mucho bucko on this deal?

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