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Hot Rod Circuit

Hot Rod Circuit

The Underground Is A Dying Breed


Alabama’s Hot Rod Circuit play radio-friendly emo-pop tunes in the same vein as Saves The Day, All American Rejects, and the dreaded Fall Out Boy… So why am I not vomiting in my lap right now?

The Underground Is A Dying Breed is the band’s fifth album and I can’t tell you how it compares to past efforts because I had no clue that this band had even been around long enough to have made so many records! It certainly doesn’t play like a solid release by a seasoned band, it sounds more like a good, catchy debut release. It’s a debut to me, so I’ll just view it as such.

“Stateside” and “Battleship” have shades of Alkaline Trio, but are more Jersey than California. They’re good tunes, unavoidably jumpy and worthy of all the accolades awarded to their aforementioned competition. Speaking of California, the song “Cali” makes an attempt at a harder edge, but comes off sounding pretty contrived.

This is one of those albums that stays in the gray. It’s not going to be anyone’s favorite album, but it won’t end up being used as a coaster, either.

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